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Vision Protect , Nanotechnology windscreen coating

Vision Protect™ is a nanotechnology product specially formulated and tested for automotive glass. The coating shows an highly durable, water and dirt repellent effect on automotive glass surfaces. The product sold under the brand name ‘Vision Protect' in several countries, is formulated with an inorganic sol-gel technology developed by Nanovations. This nanotechnology is forming  a solid hard, inorganic water repellent monolayer coating.
Unlike traditional glass coatings that cover the surface structure of the glass, creating a layer of non-stick and water repellent chemicals, the Nanovations glass treatment ‘Vision Protect' follows the contours of the glass surface right down to the nanometer level. The results are small nanometer thin layers that are enormously durable, and as you would expect, UV resistant.

To see how it works click on the videos below

  • 10 km drive with and without nano coating on windscreen
  • Vision Protect  windscreen coating animation
  • Dirt repellent Vision Protect
  • Vision Protect promotion video


It represents the latest technology for driving safety, as proven by research institutes, which concluded that a hydrophobic coating applied on a glass surface can improve a driver visual perception by over 30% and his response time by 25%.
At a speed of 70 km/h ( 43 miles/h) this means one can stop 20 m ( 60 ft.) earlier than without Vision Protect.

Successful durability testing was performed by an independent, accredited USA laboratory with an astounding 500,000 windscreen wiper cycles. 500,000 cycles is the average use of windscreen wipers over a period of 5 years.  Accordingly, what was impressive even after the testing process, the coating still indicated a good water repellent effect, and did not require a re-application. Currently Vision-Protect is the only windshield coating world wide that comes with such a test report.

Most competitors test their products with just 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 cycles.    

While the coating is effective for up to 5 years on the side windows of a car, this test confirmed that quite an extensive service life can be achieved on windscreens also. Nanovations, with its  "Vision Protect' is the first windscreen coating manufacturer that has undertaken such a harsh test, simulating real life situations.

Driving in bad weather is now safer than ever, because the coating is set on your windscreen when you need it most, long after it has been applied. It not only improves night vision and wet weather visibility as good as, or better than conventional products, but adds to the durability segment as well.


  • Repels water, dirt , dust , salt , ice and snow.
  • Easy to clean, self cleaning effect.
  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Long lasting durable protection
  • Scratch resistant hard coating
  • Car wash resistant , high water pressure resistant
  • For car and truck windscreens
  • Boat and yacht glass protection
  • Farming machinery glass
  • Mining equipment
  • Aviation glass
  • Improves night vision 
  • Invisible - ultra-thin Nano-scale


Technical documents and data sheets


Tech-flyer Vision Protect                    brochure   



Application info

Application instruction sheet              Technical Data Sheet

Water stain removal from windscreen Technical Data Sheet




Order a Vision Protect Kit


Please place the order request here: order Vision Protect kit

  • For commercial applicators and companies please register your company first.
  • Kits are available in boxes of 65 kits each

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