Fabric and textile coating NH-4004-1Ls

Fabric and textile coating NH-4004-1Ls

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Nano-Protex - NH- 4004 is a water-based hydrophobic self assembling treatment for water absorptive fabric and textiles. The product creates a very  high contact angle against water and shows a effective water/liquid repellent effect. An easy to clean / self cleaning surface is created. The product is a concentrate and can be diluted with a minimum of 4 parts water. 1 litre concentrate dilutes into a minimum of 4 - 5 litre of ready to use product. This covers between 25 m2 and 50 m2 ,or 250 - 520 sq. ft. depending on the absorption rate of the substrate. 

This bottle contains 1 Litre

Higher dilution rate is possible. This needs to be tested individually on a small area. 

Consumption rate guideline is between 100 - 200 ml / m2 

NH- 4004 is suitable as a surface impregnation for external fabric and textiles. NH-4004 dries up transparent, so there is no visible change to the surface. It preserves the breath ability of the substrate. The treated surface is guarded against contamination from dirt, dust and atmospheric pollution. Dirt can be removed easy by rain or by rinsing with clean water by the use of a mild cleaner. On external surfaces, moss and algae formation is significantly reduced.

The product is water based and does not contain any solvents . Unlike many other products it does not contain any mineral spirits or other environmentally unfriendly solvents. Drying time is the same as with water.

The hydrophobic treatment is resistant to UV and temperature changes. NH-4004 is unsuitable for fabric and textile material that is already coated with a water repellent product.

NH-4004 concentrate diluted can be used for the water
repellent treatment on following substrates:]
 Fabric and Textile
 Tents ,
 Awnings
 Soft-tops on Cars
 Outdoor and indoor furniture
 Shoe textile and leather suede type.
 Water based, environmentally friendly
 Water repellent, Easy to Clean Effect
 Good penetration into porous surfaces
 Excellent moisture regulation
 Economical, outstanding coverage rate
 Permeable to vapour
 Invisible
 Zero VOC , odour free

The product can be formulated for the sale in pre-diluted spray-packs, trigger spray bottles , or aerosol cans. Please contact us for details. 




Technical Data Sheet



Water repellent effect demo

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