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Sample Vision-Protect windscreen coating


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Nanovations glass coating solution for automotive applications

Vision Protect™ is a special nanotechnology product with durable, water and dirt repellent effect on glass surfaces. It represents the latest technology for driving safety, as proven by research institutes, which concluded that a hydrophobic coating applied on a glass surface can improve a driver visual perception by over 30% and his response time by 25%. Nanovations windscreen coating is the only automotive  glass coating that has been tested with 500,000 windscreen wiper cycles by a independent US laboratory. 


The hydrophobic product works by repelling water- and prevents adhesion of foreign matter on the surface. (Easy to Clean effect).

Unlike many other glass coatings Vision protect does not contain any Silanes,  Silicone, Wax or Teflon.

The products is a colloidal sol gel solution where special formulated materials self-assemble into a silica monolayer surface structure.

The high hardness and the UV resistance enables Vision Protect to be used under the harshest conditions.  

Each single kit covers up to 3 - 4 m2 ( 40 sq. ft. )  Boxes of single sachets are also available . 100 x each or 400 x each . Register now to access all products, pricing and technical info.

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The product is packed in IATA approved packs for secure, fast and economical transport. 

Product Features & Specifications

Comes in IATA approved packaging .