3001 Sealer Concentrate 1 Litre

3001 Sealer Concentrate 1 Litre

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Introducing the only penetrating sealer that comes in a concentrated form . 1 Litre = 10 Litre ready to use product. 

3001 Concentrate is a solvent-free, self assembling micro emulsion. Manufactured with a new patented process, the very consistent and small particle size and the small molecular chain is creating a capillary impregnation without filling the pores and capillary structure. This new technology makes it possible to reduce and avoid chemical substances such as fluorocarbons , hydrocarbons and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). 3001 combines high penetration into substrates and durable performance with the environmental benefits of water based products ,low VOC formulations and complete VOC free final results. 3001 meets the specifications of theGreen Building Council of Australia Star Office Design V3 IEQ-13

The solvent in Nanovations 3001 is simply water. 3001 is a penetrating sealer that can be diluted with up to 10 parts of clean tap water for surface applications . The high dilution rate and the high concentration of actives in the concentrate makes the product the most cost effective penetrating sealer available. 

Here is how it works:

Dilute one liter of concentrate with 9 liter of clean tap water. You end up with 10 liters of ready to use product. The recommended consumption as per square meter is 200 ml . ( 2 times spray wet on wet ) Therefore , your 10 liters will treat up to 50 square meter , or over 500 square foot. And this will cost you just $ 46 . This is less than 1 $ a square meter or 10 cents a sq. ft. You can easy compare the costs with any other penetrating sealer on the market.  20 liter is for up to 1000 square meter or 11,000 square foot.  

3001 concentrate diluted can be used for the water repellent treatment on following substrates: 

• Concrete

• Pavers

• Bricks

• Plaster , Render

• Fiber Cement products

• Roof tiles

• Porous natural stones

This product is water based .
Please download the Technical Data Sheet in the download section.


Technical Data Sheet


Specifications sample tender text

Specifications 3001.pdf

Simple product flyer


Product surface application brochure



Application demo

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