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Nanotechnology Glass Coatings

Industrial coating solutions

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Glass coatings

Self cleaning and easy to clean effects on coated glass

Facade solutions

Durable long lasting and effective ultra thin coatings

Vision Protect

Effective coating solution for vision improvement in wet conditions.

Dust reduction

Nanotechnology glass coating for the reduction of dust accumulation


High performance concrete and stone protection without hydrocarbon solvents, available in concentrates.

Abrasive cleaners

Proven solution for challenging glass cleaning projects. First commercial colloidal cleaner on the market.

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Nanovations Industrial Glass Coating Solutions

Nanovations is manufacturing and supplying cost effective machine sprayable nanotechnology glass coatings in industrial volumes for large volume coating processes. ( NG-1010-M , NG-1314/D-M, Vision-Protect-M)
The glass coatings can be modified specifically for any type of machine to reduce application waste and to optimize production costs of the coated panels. This are the most cost effective and fastest to apply glass coating solution available.
These coating solutions are fast crosslinking and can be processed further within 10 - 30 minutes after the coating applications. Accelerated formulation with UV or IR curing are also available on request. The processing time can be reduced to a few seconds with radiation curing if required.   

Sample product for spray machine test runs is available on request. Please provide information about the application method , glass coating area to be coated and details about the machinery together with any request. Minimum batch size is 20 L . Minimum order quantities apply. Production lead time is between 2 and 3 weeks .

Packaging sizes 20 L and 1000 L IBC. Maximum international air freight packaging size is 20 L .


Infra Red curing section     Glass coating machine   NG 1010 nanotechnology glass coating


• Economical, outstanding low cost / m2 / sq. ft. rate
• Water repellent , Easy to clean effect
• Outstanding coverage rate
• Hard, durable Nano-scale coatings
• Easy to apply
• Room temperature or accelerated radiation curing
• Dust reducing effect
• Inorganic UV resistant,  
• Improves scratch resistance


All product are manufactured according ISO 9001.

Product testing : 

Abrasion Test 40,000 and 80,000 cycles .

Independent salt spray test. 21 days

Independent UV resistant test

Exposed weathering test in Australia

Independent UV aging test

Chemical resistance test

Blowing dust test

Independent adhesion of sealant test PU / Silicone sealant

Independent 500,000 (half million ) car windscreen wiper test

Independent scratch resistant test with grinding wheel

Independent abrasion test

Roll off angle testing.

Independent Acid resistance test ( Acid rain )

Independent test of use of vacuum lifting tools on coated glass.

Independent Concrete spill on coated glass testing 

Dust reduction test

Solar panel performance - short term

Independent contact angle

Glass hardening measurements , before / after

Independent test of handling and packaging of coated glass panels .( Transport )

Cleaning demo test of glass with zero fall/tilt

Please notice this range of product is for commercial, industrial applications only and requires certain equipment and expertise in the application and curing of low volume coatings.



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