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Adhesion promotion with nanotechnology - N-Bond from Nanovations

                                                                 Nanovations has developed a unique new adhesion     Uv printer promotion technology for ink-jet printing on glass and certain metals and plastic.

The use of N-Bond for the adhesion promotion of organic inks and paint to glass and metal, is a real innovation for the flatbed inkjet printing of UV cured inks.

Nanovations N-Bond adhesion promotion technology is significant thinner than traditional primer systems. The result is a fast curing , invisible and extremely cost effective adhesion promotion technology. 

N-Bond is very fast drying and can be printed on within 10 minutes after the application.  Unlike conventional technology N-Bond is reacting with the substrate of the glass or ceramic, and is forming molecular bonding points for the organic inks to bond to.               

With N-Bond in most cases standard UV- ink can be used for the printing on the glass , ceramic and certain metals. N-Bond can be simply intergraded in the surface preparation process.   N-Bond was developed in cooperation with leading product suppliers from the glass and printing industry. 

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N-Bond creates durable and outstanding results with 0 % flaking on glass printed with standard UV- ink . These tests are easy repeatable with a simple cross cut test. Tested also with a  2 hour boiling water test and glass break test, (adhesion on break zone test)  and 24 hour cold water immersion.

• easy to apply
• Nano-scale thickness , monolayer
• printable within 10 minutes - 24 hours.
• Completely invisible
• Economical, outstanding coverage rate up to 400 m2 / liter.
• Glass and metal , acrylic
• Stops water and moist penetrating ink layers.


Technical documents and data sheets

Technical Data Sheet N-Bond                  Product flyer

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