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Glass coatings

Self cleaning and easy to clean effects on coated glass

Facade solutions

Durable long lasting and effective ultra thin coatings

Vision Protect

Effective coating solution for vision improvement in wet conditions.

Dust reduction

Nanotechnology glass coating for the reduction of dust accumulation


High performance concrete and stone protection without hydrocarbon solvents, available in concentrates.

Abrasive cleaners

Proven solution for challenging glass cleaning projects. First commercial colloidal cleaner on the market.

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Nanovations Environmental Policy and our commitment to green technology

ISO 14001 Teak protectionNanovations is a certified Carbon Neutral company. Nanovations Pty Ltd implemented an environmental management system. (EMS) which is assessed and certified as compliant to ISO 14001. Nanovations and its subsidiaries recognize that effective environmental management is one of its most important corporate priorities. We are committed to protecting and respecting the environment through outstanding environmental performance and efficiency in the conduct of its operations. As part of our ongoing efforts to attain this objective, Nanovations will focus on the following initiatives:



  • Commitment to a continual improvement process in environmental management.
  • Selective raw material supply.
  • Evaluation of environmental impacts of Nanovations products, operations and facilities, with a commitment to minimize impacts and restore properties
  • affected by our operations.
  • Improvement of employee environmental performance through detailed policies and procedures, training, and recognition of excellence.
  • Efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste generation through efforts that include recycling, innovation, and prevention of pollution.
  • Measurement of environmental performance through auditing with employee accountability and reporting to senior management.
  • Integration of environmental responsibilities and considerations into daily operations and business decision-making processes.
  • Commitment to emergency preparedness and response in order to minimize any potential environmental impacts resulting from day-to-day operations.
  • Use of innovations and technologies to minimize emissions and pollution.

We are not just talks. Here is what we do

  • We offset all our emissions and we are a carbon neutral company.


  • We use water as solvent where we can and  our product are free or low VOC.

  • We only buy material and packaging material which meets our standards of green technology. 

  • Fresh water availability is currently one of the world's main problems and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

    Nanovations products reduce cleaning cycles and reduce water consumption significantly.

  • All our operations are using  green energy  from renewable sources.

  • We prefer Business Partners and Business services which follow our policy or use their own Tools for Environmental Sustainability.  

  • Cleaning products are made of biodegradable raw materials. We created highly effective concentrates to reduce packaging , transport

  • Emissions and CO2 emissions from production of excess packaging.

  • All our documents, brochures, datasheets ,instructions and MSDS are available for download on this website or on request in electronic form.

Nanovations  will do its best, to promote  products which will offer the highest performance and have the smallest possible impact to the environment.



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