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Nanotechnology glass coating for heavy duty glass protection and reduction of dust accumulation

Nanovations has developed an ultra thin coating for for glass that needs more than a water repellent effect.

Nanovations NG 1314/D is the first glass coating that is reducing dry dust buildup on glass, and at the same time provides a high scratch resistance in combination with easy to clean properties.

This new multi functional technology does not use organic polymer . organic anti dust agents or organic binder and therefore is significant more robust and wear resistant.

Due to the inorganic composition, the product is  highly UV resistance and can last over 10 years and more , depending location and use of the coating.
The target markets are buildings and constructions, solar panels and solar mirrors, and  military and marine applications.

Dust reduction    dust reduction coating   scratch resistant effect 

The accumulation of dirt on solar panels for example, has an impact on the performance of solar power systems and solar mirrors. Dust can reduce the power efficiency of the panels. Even a light dust layer can lead to a reduction of 2 - 5 % . The coating also makes the panels significant easier to clean and provides additional protection against the effects of weathering and the removal of abrasive sand and dust particles.

Dirt and dust not only makes the glass look dull, but can be damaging as well. In many locations rain can remove such buildups, but in many countries, there is little rain in dry seasons and cleaning with brushes and water can be time consuming and removal of sand and dust can create excessive wear and tear and stress to the glass surface.
In addition, minerals in the dust  can react with substrates like concrete and metals and create ugly and stubborn  run down marks on unprotected glass. Compared to uncoated glass, NG1314 coated glass can be cleaned hundred and thousand of times , before micro scratches and visible wear and tear appears.

Product benefits:

  • Droplet formation during rinse, cleaning or rain , easy to clean effect.
  • Reduced dust accumulation on glass.
  • Easier to collect water (recycling ) no sheeting.
  • Water runs down  takes dirt with it , Self Cleaning Effect.
  • Chemical free cleaning possible. Waterless cleaning
  • High scratch resistance - dry cleaning of dusty surfaces possible.
  • Drastically reduced “micro scratching” and wear and tear.
  • Cost effective, highest  coverage rate in the industry.
  • Effective protection on glass with no or little fall -Awnings -Glass roofs
Technical documents and data sheets

Technical Data Sheet NG 1314/D   Product flyer  

Brochure NG 1314/D                      brochure   



Application info

Specifications                Technical Data Sheet





Demo Videos


Dry Dust reduction demo


Dust reduction technology for glass - Anti Dust

Self cleaning effect on a coated solar mirror

Self cleaning effect on coated solar mirror

 Difficult to clean areas - Awnings -Glass roofs

If water collects on surfaces close to the horizontal, problems with sediment may arise. This is usually
a design specific problem, but does not affect the coating functionality. Such areas my need more regular
cleaning and more water to rinse off excessive sediment layers. For example, awnings and roof sections
with no or little fall can be washed with high water pressure devices, or with water feed poles with a brush head.

The following  video shows the easy to clean effect on a very dirty glass area with zero fall. As soon water comes in contact with the coating , the dirt is lifted off and can be removed. It does not run off because there is no fall , so the excess water, that collected the dirt  needs to be removed with a squeeze. 

The dirt in the video also contains mortar and cement dust from construction work nearby.

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