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Glass coatings

Self cleaning and easy to clean effects on coated glass

Facade solutions

Durable long lasting and effective ultra thin coatings

Vision Protect

Effective coating solution for vision improvement in wet conditions.

Dust reduction

Nanotechnology glass coating for the reduction of dust accumulation


High performance concrete and stone protection without hydrocarbon solvents, available in concentrates.

Abrasive cleaners

Proven solution for challenging glass cleaning projects. First commercial colloidal cleaner on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I order products ?
  2. Is Nanovations a manufacturer?
  3. What is the difference to other products on the market?
  4. How do I apply the products?
  5. Does the surface need to be cleaned first?
  6. Do you send products to other countries?

How do I order Products ?

  • Once your company is registered , you can place orders online. you can register here
  • We also take purchase orders by email, and we can send an invoice by email.
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Is Nanovations a manufacturer?

  • Yes , Nanovations is manufacturing its products. We are not a reseller of other companies materials.
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What is the difference to other products on the market?

  • Nanovations product solutions are providing much thinner coating layers. Simply compare how much product you need / m2 or sq. ft.  This gives you an indication about the layer thickness.
  • Thinner layers means less coating material , and less costs / m2 . As a matter of fact , you will not find more cost effective solutions anywhere , because of the low consumption rates. Many products now labeled "Nano" are still old technology. The first thing to look at is the consumption rate.
  • Nanovations also supplies concentrates, which represents a challenge for many competitors, that are used to sell pre diluted products.
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How do I  apply the products?

  • Every product comes with a technical data sheet and with detailed application instructions. Additional info is available. You also can find application videos for several products on this website. This should be sufficient to cover all application questions.
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Does the surface need to be cleaned first?

  • This is also in the technical data sheet. Surface preparation is required. There is no point to apply a coating to  surfaces that are already stained. The coating solutions are invisible and every stain not removed prior the coating will stay visible. Especially old glass and old concrete , needs to be cleaned first.
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Do you send products to other countries?

  • We send products to pretty much any country. Certain products like the glass coatings require special packaging and a transport declaration. Please contact us for details.
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