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Nanovations products are made to last - how we test product performance

Nanovations is committed to supplying products and services to its customers that meet or exceed the customer's and the industry standards and requirements. For these reasons Nanovations is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. As a pioneering company we are constantly looking to achieve operational excellence in the provision of our products and services that we offer to worldwide clients.

Please see here a example how we test and evaluate our glass coatings.

To evaluate our products, we have tested our materials not only in real world exposed outdoor situation, but also against several other products on the market.

For the glass coating examinations we use destructive methods like abrasive wet scrub testing with abrasion test devices.  Such devices are standard to evaluate the durability of coatings against wear and tear. The samples are prepared on identical glass panels, with two products next to each other. A pair of brushes are swept back and forth across the treated samples. They provide precisely controlled conditions of testing ensuring repeatability and excellent compatibility of performance between products from different manufacturers.

These are standard devices to determination of wet-scrub resistance according ISO 11998 for example. Because the machine and the method are universal, everyone is able to repeat these results.

The Taber Wet-scrub tester apparatus, consisting of a reciprocating scrub testing machine with a stroke length of (300 ± 10) mm and operating at approximately (37 ± 2) scrub cycles per minute. A counter for recording the number of scrub cycles shall be provided. The complete  setup looks like you can see in the following video. The weight is 500 g on each brush.


taber test machine, nanovations

Water with a cleaning fluid can be added during the abrasive cycles.

The machine runs 37 double stroke cycles / minute . A test of 80,000 cycles takes over 40 hours to complete. This does not include the time to measure the contact angles every 1000 cycles.


Nanovations Wet scrub test

Nanovations coatings can handle 40,000 - 80,000 such cycles and the reduction in the contact angle is still significantly above any competitive material after the test procedure. There are many manufacturers that offer clients a 10 year warranty  and they don't even last 800 of such cycles. When we test such coatings , the contact angle of such products falls very quickly , which is a indication the coating has been removed. The test results can be documented in excel sheets that look like this:



Some glass coating supplier even warn of the use of rubber squeezes for maintenance cleaning, because the coating could be damaged. In comparison , Nanovations performed a windscreen wiper cycle test by a independent accredited US laboratory with half a million wiper cycles and of course rubber windscreen wipers. You can see why products from these manufactures perform badly in a simple wet scrub test.

Please contact us if you want to know more or to find out  what products we used for the comparison tests.


Tests for glass coatings:

 Used for c
ommercial projects since 2004 . Please see case study page for details 

Abrasion Test 40,000 and 80,000 cycles , brush

Independent salt spray test.

UV resistant test

Exposed weathering test in Australia

Chemical resistance test

Blowing dust test

Adhesion of sealant test

500,000 (half million ) car windscreen wiper test

Scratch resistant test with grinding wheel

Roll off angle

PH resistance test

Test of use of vacuum lifting on coated glass

Concrete spill on coated glass

Dust reduction test

Solar panel performance - short term

Contact angle

Glass hardening measurements , before / after

Test of handling and packaging of coated glass panels

Test of glass with zero fall/tilt



As a result , coated glass can be maintained as following:
  • Professional window cleaning tools can be used for maintenance cleaning
  • High water pressure
  • Any standard cleaner between pH 3 and pH 9
  • Abrasive pads, (white pads )  suitable for glass can be used
  • Automated cleaning systems , rotating brushes (solar panels )
  • Water feed poles with brush heads
  • A wide range of solvents can be used ( contact us for list )
  • Removal of abrasive dust , dry or wet

Please note that certain cleaning methods are only necessary  if paint, concrete or render spills appear during construction. In most situations standard professional glass cleaning tools is all that is required. Please refer our maintenance instructions.






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