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Glass coatings

Self cleaning and easy to clean effects on coated glass

Facade solutions

Durable long lasting and effective ultra thin coatings

Vision Protect

Effective coating solution for vision improvement in wet conditions.

Dust reduction

Nanotechnology glass coating for the reduction of dust accumulation


High performance concrete and stone protection without hydrocarbon solvents, available in concentrates.

Abrasive cleaners

Proven solution for challenging glass cleaning projects. First commercial colloidal cleaner on the market.

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Consulting Service for product R&D and implementation

You should consider talking to us if you:


  • interested in implementing new technologies or Nanotechnology in your company and you don't know where to start?

  • want to sell some new products?

  • want to gain advantage over your competition?

  • need to produce products more cost effective or with new properties?

  • want to create a new product from scratch?

  • need to solve some problems in your manufacturing line?


Consulting and what can we do for you?


New technology can improve many areas like production methods and materials, while saving costs. The implementation of the latest technology  also is a bonus for a company's image. 

The process includes identifying and analyzing the client’s needs and problems.

To accomplish this, the consultant may need to gather information and conduct research in order to implement the appropriate strategy.

We provide  expert advice in following areas:

  • Evaluate production processes or products which are suitable for Nanotechnology

  • Outline the potential cost savings.

  • Analysis of your actual products and process

  • Analyzing requirements and targets.

  • Outline the possible improvements

  • Cost and timing of the proposed improvements

  • Matchmaking with developer, suppliers and application technology providers.

  • Contact and communication with developers.

  • We organize prototype products and materials.

  • New product development with the opportunity to own IP

How long does it take to implement a new advanced technology in your Company?


Some improvements could be done virtually over night, if it is for example a replacement of concrete additives with a better performing , or if a of the shelf  building solution is required.

In many cases this can be done with solutions ready developed.

Other implementation will take longer, especially if product formulations and product properties have to be changed.

Creating completely new formulations with licensed IP will take between 1 and 2 years depending on the situation, the substrate and the properties you want to achieve. This is only possible if the solution your are looking at is unique and not licensed by other companies.

Our principles:

We are a hands on operation and if you consider using us for consultation you will get value for money.

You will deal with straightforward technicians and engineers and we will tell you upfront if we can do a job or not.

We are a busy organization and it would not make sense to take on a project with a low chance of success or with low value for you, the customer.

Our main objective is to give the customer a successfully implemented solution. We walk the walk and only promise what we can deliver. In most cases we can estimated the costs upfront and have a fixed fee excluding variables like prototype products.



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