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Abrasive cleaners

Proven solution for challenging glass cleaning projects. First commercial colloidal cleaner on the market.

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CL 40 - a proven solution for challenging glass cleaning projects 

CL 40 is the fastest, and most effective surface preparation and cleaning solution for older and contaminated  glass on the market. It already has been used on large scale glass restoring projects with up to 50,000 square meter of glass.

Click on the images below. If you have problems like this , CL40 is the product to restore your glass.

mineral deposit on glass hard water stains CL 40 cleaner used on glass roof cleaning of a car window with CL 40 Hydrophobic vs Hydrophilic

The superior efficiency of the CL 40 cleaning system can be easy tested by simply spraying water onto a cleaned area. Uncoated absolute clean glass is hydrophilic. Dirt , pollution, wax and silicone from cleaning and other contaminations will change the hydrophilic properties of glass to hydrophobic where water beats.

Residue from glass manufacturing, storage and transport settled to the surface can also create such an effect. Therefore water beating is an easy indication that the glass is not complete clean.

The water flatten and spreads out with a near zero contact angle to form a thin film and no droplets, the indication for a perfectly clean glass. Nanovations is the only manufacturer of such a  solution in Australia.

CL 50 the only abrasive spray and wipe surface preparation on the market

CL 50 is the first glass cleaner that uses colloidal, submicron abrasive particles to remove surface
contaminations, from substrates like glass and sanitary ceramic. CL 50 is using a technology from the semi conductor manufacturing to provide an extremely deep clean down to the micro structured surface details of a substrates. With the same easy application, CL 50 activates the bonding abilities of the glass substrates to the Nano-coatings and significantly increases the number of molecular bonding points.

The low level of chemicals and the use of mostly plant extracts, give the CL 50 a outstanding sustainable rating.
More than 99 % of the chemicals used, are from renewable sources and bio-based materials.
The abrasive particles itself are widely used in many food additives, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products and are not nano-size.


Benefits :

  • Very abrasive , without scratching glass
  • Water based products
  • Economical, high coverage rates
  • Removes concrete and render stains
  • Mineral deposits and run down marks from sealant, soap scum
  • Easy to remove residue
  • Can be used with suitable polishing machines and pads.
  • Removes conventional hydrophobic glass coatings.


Technical documents and data sheets

Technical Data Sheet CL 40         Product flyer            

Technical Data Sheet CL 50         brochure   



Application info

Instruction sheet for the use of CL 40 on a windscreen Technical Data Sheet


CL 40 manual application

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For product testing , 250 ml bottle sizes are available.

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