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Shower Protect Pro


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Shower Protect glass coating kit

Shower Protect Pro is a coating kit designed for home owners,  that have a larger amount of shower screen glass to protect.   The ultra-thin coating solution is enough to protect up to 40 square metres of shower glass. This is enough for up to 8 – 10 standard size shower cubicles. Or 4 - 5 double units.  Can be used on glazed tiles as well. 

The easy to clean effect of Shower Protect ™ Pro , reduces cleaning time significantly. The advanced and ultra-thin coating technology is repelling water, lime scale, dirt and soap scum, so a quick wipe is all that’s needed to keep that “as new” crystal clear appearance. Tests showed that on showers with hand-held shower heads, the cleaning time can be reduced by up to 95 % in comparison to uncoated glass. The Shower Protect ™ Pro kit includes the  special formulated spray and wipe abrasive CL 50  to prepare the glass surface, the coating solutions, spray  applicators, and cleaning and  special cleaning and application cloth. 



The kit contains enough product to  protect up 40 square meter of glass ( 360  sq. ft. )

or glazed tiles and glazed ceramic. 







Shower Protect ™ Pro kit benefits: 

Includes CL-50 surface preparation .