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Windscreen Coating

In 2014 , successful testing by an independent, accredited USA laboratory with an astounding 500,000 windscreen wiper cycles confirmed the high performance.. 
This testing procedure was used to simulate durability of wiper blades on a windshield. Accordingly, what was impressive even after completing the testing procedure, the coating still indicated a good water repellent effect, and did not require a re-application.
While the coating is effective for up to 5 years on the side windows of a car, this test confirmed that quite an extensive service life can be achieved on windscreens also. Nanovations, with its high-tech “Vision Protect’ is the first windscreen coating manufacturer that has undertaken such a harsh test, simulating real life situations. Driving in bad weather is now safer than ever, because the coating is set on your windscreen when you need it most, long after it has been applied. It not only improves night vision and wet weather visibility as good as, or better than any conventional products, but adds to the durability segment as well.

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