Marine Polish Nanoprotect NH-2025

Marine Polish Nanoprotect NH-2025

High gloss finish with NH 2025
High gloss finish with NH 2025
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Nanoprotect® Marine Polish is a care and maintenance product for all gelcoat surfaces above the water line . It cleans and protects in one simple application.

The abrasive blend easy removes oxidized dull gelcoat, staining and soiling. With the same, easy step, Nanoprotect Marine creates a long lasting "Easy to Clean" effect and a shiny clean look, that repels dirt and water. Water runs off easily from the treated surface. The protective effect last significant longer than waxes and silicone based materials and show increasing life span with periodical re-application.

Gelcoats are based on epoxy or unsaturated polyester resin, and can deteriorate from UV radiation. Nanoprotect® Marine Polish's functional epoxy silane technology improved both the visual appearance of the substrate and mechanical properties such as flexural strength and modulus of elasticity.

Nanoprotect Marine Polish removes stains and discoloration , dirt spots , tar marks , exhaust discolorations and many other substances, and leaves behind a protective layer. 

• Economical and long lasting
• Excellent protection for yacht surfaces
• Increasing effect with periodical application
• Non toxic, water based, not flammable
• Water and dirt repelling
• Easy to clean effect
Consumption is between 15 and 25 ml a square metre
depending on the conditions of the substrates. 250 ml covers 
10 - 15 square meter(90 – 135 sq. ft.t)
Consumption rate is a guideline only.


Technical Data Sheet

TDS NH 2025.pdf

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