Nanovations Pty Ltd

Nanovations Pty Ltd

Unit 16 , 8 Tilley Lane, Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, 2086, Australia     +61 (0) 2 9975 5602

  Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

Glass Surface Preparation

Nanovations is manufacturing effective surface preparation and cleaning solutions for older and contaminated glass and for new glass. CL-50 is the first spray and wipe glass cleaner that uses colloidal, sub micron abrasive natural minerals to remove surface contamination, from substrates like glass and sanitary ceramic. CL-40 is the product to restore your old tired looking glass. It contains a blend of natural minerals to remove even stubborn water marks and mineral deposits.

  SKU Product Our Price
SKU1768411 CL 40 abrasive cleaner 1 kg AUD 52.00
SKU176842 CL 40 abrasive cleaner 250g AUD 24.00
SKU1768211 Cl-50 glass cleaner 1 Litre AUD 24.00
SKU1768212 Cl-50 glass cleaner 250 ml AUD 14.20