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WNS-Cleaner for Boats, Yachts, Cars and Airplanes


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WNS-Cleaner is multi-functional Nano-Cleaning concentrate with Self-Drying + Self-Waxing Effect for painted and gel coat surfacesWNS  cleans and protects with a Show Room finish in one single step. Ultra effective concentrate . Can be diluted with a unmatched 500 parts of water - 250 ml gives you 125 liter cleaning solution. Available for cars and boats.Gives you remarkable fast results  

WNS-Cleaner is a new technology that cleans with a improved micro-fluid formulation that penetrates dirt layers, down to the nano- scale of the surface structure. The ultra -wetting ability of the WNS-Cleaner is significant enhanced by a state of the art patent protected micro fluid technology.


The extreme wettability enables WNS-Cleaner to penetrate even excessive dirty surfaces in micro seconds without the use of harsh chemicals. This even works on waxed surfaces or hydrophobic coatings and in extreme high dilutions.

With the same simple application, WNS-Cleaner creates a protective layer of Nano scaled Carnauba wax that adheres to the micro structure of the surface. The durable effect creates a high gloss and self-drying effect. The product prevents the adhesion of new dirt and dust, and gives you a show room finish, every time you wash your car or boat. APPLICATION Remove dirt and dust by rinsing with the substrate with clear water . Mix 20 ml WNS-Cleaner in 10 litre clean tap water .

Dilution is 1 part WNS with 500 parts tap water In areas with bore water the concentration can be higher.

Wash the car with a sponge or appropriate cloth, and rinsing it off with clean water after. Let dry by itself or wipe dry with a suitable chamois, if required The product is skin friendly and fully biodegradable. WNS-Cleaner contains biodegradable surfactants , tensides and modified polymer/carnauba wax emulsions.

250 ml ultra concentrate for 125 litre cleaning solution.