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Glass Coatings

These ultra-thin coating products are formulated with an inorganic sol-gel technology developed exclusively by Nanovations. Unlike traditional soft glass coatings that cover the surface structure of the glass with a thin layer of non-stick chemicals, the Nanovations glass treatment follows the contours of the glass surface right down to the nanolevel with a hard inorganic layer.

The technology creates water and dirt repellent effects on glass substrates that are both invisible and incredibly thin. These glass treatments are perfectly suited to a wide range of application: from facades and automotive windshields to shower screens and solar panels. The use of such thin layers offers numerous advantages to the older alternatives. It allows for consumption rates that are up to 15 x times lower than traditional coatings, as well as a high resistance to abrasion.

The use of inorganic material also provides UV resistance, a necessary feature for the long term use of such coatings on external areas. Products also offer additional scratch-resistance and reduction in dry dust accumulation. This true nanotechnology products outperform any other products in the field of abrasion, UV resistance and chemical resistance. In addition, ultra low consumption rate that is a result of the only nano-scale mono layer technology , makes Nanovations glass coatings the most cost effective glass coating solutions in the industry , world wide.

  SKU Product Our Price
SKU176781 NG 1010 Glass Coating kit 100 m2 AUD 138.00
SKU176782 NG-1010 glass coating 1 Litre AUD 286.00
SKU1767821 NG-1010 glass coating 5 Litre AUD 901.00
SKU17678 NG-1010 Glass coating kit AUD 18.75