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Nanovations Pty Ltd

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Concrete Protection

Nanovations is the first company in Australia that offers an water based impregnating sealer for concrete and masonry in a highly concentrate form.
Instead of buying 10 liters of pre-diluted conventional sealer, 1 liter of the 3001 concentrate is all it needs to get the same amount of ready to use solution. For a area of 1000 square meter (10,700 sq. ft.) for example, a 20 liter drum of 3001 is all that's required. This 20 liter concentrate is replacing between 250 - 300 liter of old style penetrating sealer that would be required to treat a similar size area.
3001 concentrate reduces 90 % of empty container waste and the cost that come with the removal of the garbage. In addition 90 % of the transport weight and therefore freight related costs can be reduced significantly. This makes 3001 a super-sustainable material.

3001 is VOC free and meets Specification Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Office Design V3 IEQ-13.

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SKU176962 3001 Sealer Concentrate 1 Liter AUD 54.80 (Save 10%)