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 2007 Update

Nanovations new product for concrete and masonry can make common surface sealer unnecessary! 

Nanovations Pty Ltd , introducing a impressive new product for the protection of high quality concrete, masonry, pavers and concrete roof tiles. The product has the ability to add properties to the bulk material, which makes the use of surface sealers in many cases unnecessary.

For decades, concrete surface sealer have been used, to add protective properties to concrete and masonry building material.

This costly and unreliable procedure will be a thing of the past with the new product 3001 supplied by Nanovations Pty Ltd.


Instead of being applied to the surface only, 3001 becomes permanent part of the complete concrete.

The bulk impregnation for complete concrete parts, pavers and masonry or roof tiles can’t be worn off like surface treatments and therefore requires no re-application.


3001 is able to creates a concrete with significant reduced water absorption, moos and algae resistance, significant reduced efflorescence and frost/thawing resistance. Surface abrasion and high traffic which usually wears of any sealer will not affect the treatment and the long term function.

For manufacturers, architects, designers, builder and owners, it offers endless possibilities to upgrade buildings and constructions, while putting an end to a list of chronic problems.  




Nanovations 3001, the first product for the mass bulk impregnation of concrete and masonry.

Nanovations 3001 is the first product of it's kind which can be simply added to the mix in any manufacturing process, without any changes to the

production line.

Concrete and masonry manufactured with 3001 shows a complete prevention of efflorescence, salt resistance and significant reduced algae and moss appearance. The product reduces the ability of masonry to stain and protect coloured concrete products from unattractive discolorations.

Rising damp is significantly reduced so that paint bubbling and lifting of exposed coatings can be prevented. Pavers in costal areas or used for pool surroundings will last much longer without the usual salt and chlorine damages.

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Why Nanovations 3001 Concrete Protection ?

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Nanovations 3001 offer many unique benefits.

The concrete masonry is protected from day one from water stains and water related discolorations.

Transport and storage is less critical. Colored concrete is much more color stable and can't be damaged by efflorescence and significantly reducing the ingress of liquid water and any dissolved salts that the water may carry.

Representing the latest water based, solvent free and VOC free   technology, the products meets any standard for emission free building products. Nanovations 3001 technology outperforms any solvent-borne sealer in convenience and non-toxicity. This leap in technology bridges the gap between the limitations of the past and the demands of today's market.


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3001 is the first permanent solution against efflorescence.      


The new product is a milestone in the permanent prevention of efflorescence. 
3001 is a product that controls how water penetrates and also evaporates in concrete.

Its unique combination of water repellency and high water vapor permeability, and its ability to be added like an additive to a concrete mix protects the concrete or masonry permanently from efflorescence and has following additional advantages:



  • 3001 in concrete is able to stop the transport of liquid water, within the  cured concrete or masonry. Rising damp will not appear. Permeable to water vapour.

  • Improves curing activities of concrete - reduces the risk of fast water loss.

  • Prevents from primary efflorescence occurring during hardening of the concrete.

  • Protection against secondary efflorescence from the weathering of the hardened concrete.

  • 3001 is a permanent solution and works through the complete thickness of the concrete part or masonry. Surface abrasion does not reduce the function.

  • 3001 offers additional properties like low water absorption, frost and thaw resistance and reduces the appearance of moos and algae.

  • 3001 is economical and can be used in mass production manufacturing lines for pavers, bricks and concrete roof tiles without any modification of the machinery.

  • Works with any water cement ratio and dry cast hydraulic pressed masonry.

  • Significantly reduces the ingress of liquid water and any dissolved salts that the water may carry. 3001 improves the salt resistance.


A product that has no equal in the marketplace.


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In This Issue

1. No more sealer
2. Why Nanovations?
3. Efflorescence prevention


Advantages and Benefits

• Very low water absorption
• Significant reduced

• No rising damp 
• Salt resistant
• Prevention of moss and  

• less shrinkage
• Color stabilizing
• Less dirt attraction
• Easier to clean
• Abrasion resistant due to

  full impregnation
• Bulk impregnation product
• Water based
• VOC free
• Economical
• High water vapor  

• No change of appearance
• Capillary treatment
• No freezing /thawing

• Long durability
• Lower tendency to stain



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