nanotechnology coating solutions for glass  

Nanovations NG 1010 is a new coating technology for glass substrates.

The easy to clean effect appears from a chemical reaction of a sol gel solution. After the curing a cross linked three dimensional and only a few atoms thick nanoscale structure

is created. These structure gives the glass a extremely durable hydrophobic effect.   

The completely invisible treatment cannot be removed by water, cleaning agent or with high pressure equipment.

The extreme thin coating is a results of the lowest consumption rate on the market. Coverage rates of 400 square meter per liter (14,000 square foot per gallon) are possible. NG 1010 is the most cost effective and fastest to apply glass coating solution available.  


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how the self cleaning effect works                

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Nanovations supplies products for the first high rise building project.


NG 1010 was applied on  the first high rise building in the world where such advanced technology has been used to treat the glass of the complete building.

On this landmark building, right on Sydney harbour  more than 5500 square meter (45,000 square foot) of glass has been fully restored and protected.


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A special abrasive cleaning system was developed to prepare the glass and remove contaminations prior the treatment.

Please contact us for more information about the system, and our abrasive cleaner CL 40. 

CL 40 is a completely water based solution and can be used to remove hard water stains, silicon and wax, paint and cement, bleeding stains from joint sealer and render stains and other stubborn contaminations, completely scratch free. 




NG 1010 coating in combination with CL 40 is now available for the use on all glass surfaces like:

  • Car and truck windscreens 

  • Boat and yacht glass

  • Building windows and glass

  • Shower screens

  • Farming machine windscreens

  • Mining equipment glass

  • Aviation glass. 

We can supply special kits for small area applications, or for product trial, packed with a unique surface preparation or in bulk for resellers and applicators.

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CL 40 - a proven solution for challenging glass cleaning projects


Uncoated absolute clean glass is hydrophilic.

Dirt , pollution, wax and silicone from cleaning  and other contaminations will change the hydrophilic properties of glass to hydrophobic

where water beats. Residue from glass manufacturing, storage and transport settled to the surface can also create such an effect.

Therefore water beating is an easy indication that the glass is not complete clean.


mineral deposits on glass   hard water spots landmark projects

CL 40 is the fastest, and most effective surface preparation and cleaning solution on the market.

It already has been used on large scale glass restoring projects with up to 50,000 square meter of glass.

The superior efficiency of the CL 40 cleaning system can be easy tested by simply spraying water onto a cleaned area.

The water flattens and spreads out with a near zero contact angle to form a thin film and no droplets, the indication for a perfectly clean glass.


Nanovations Pty Ltd is the only manufacturer of this solution in Australia.  


The product is completely made out of natural substances and a blend of special natural abrasives.

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We cooperate with the most experienced applicators and high rise access and maintenance companies in Australia and there is no building and no problem that can't be handled. Please ask us for contact details.


We can do much more with glass


Are you looking for a high performance Nano-coating for your manufacturing process?

You want water beating, easy to clean or more scratch resistance? 

Please contact us. We manufacture, develop and supply a wide range of glass coating solutions.


Why glass need maintenance


Glass is often thought to be invulnerable except for breakage, but will in fact corrode or stain if permitted. Surface corrosion or staining is often caused by the deposition of dissolved or suspended minerals in water droplets which are allowed to dry and harden on the glass. As the contaminated water droplets evaporate, the minerals (or salts) become more concentrated and form strong chemical bonds with the glass itself, leading to residues or stains that are difficult to remove, or a permanently damaged etched surface.

Nanotechnology Glass    Nanotechnology surface structure 

Please click on Thumbnail microscopic images of glass surfaces

structures, and take a close look at what most people

believe is a very smooth surface.  




Images of coated glass substrate

Proper protection of glass in windows, doors, and skylights throughout the construction process and the life of a building is essential. Planning and execution of the practices offered with the use of Nanotechnology treatment will enable the glass to meet the aesthetic and performance expectations, and the needs of the building occupants.

Causes of surface damages on Glass

  • Water run-off from concrete or plaster surfaces.

  • Hard water sources (high calcium concentration)

  • High concentrations of silica or hydrogen sulphide in rainwater. (Pollution)

  • Alkalis from agricultural paddock or crop dust.

  • Sealer rundown.

  • Wrong storage conditions on site.

  • Transport damages; occurs mainly on imported glass.  

Nanotechnology surface treatment can protect the glass from all these contaminations and from permanent stains and can make the removal of such substance significant faster and easier.



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