Water and dirt repellent impregnating concentrate for concrete, masonry and natural stone.

Nanovations is the frist company in Australia that offers an  impregnating sealer for concrete and masonry in a highly concentrate form.

So instead of buying 10 liters of pre-diluted sealer, you can purchase 1 litre of the 3001 concentrate.  If your area is 1000 square metre ( 9000 sq.ft. ) a

20 litre drum is all you need. This is replacing  up to 300 litre of old style penetrating sealer.
A sustainable product with excellent penetration properties, that can be used for green building designs, is 3001 from Nanovations Pty Ltd.
The new product, 3001 not only offers a low VOC  and environmentally friendly solution, but also extremely high penetration, the most important indicator for the long term durability of a sealer system.
3001 is not only a high performance material, but also the most cost effective coating solution on the market.



The product is completely odour free and eliminates the health risks associated with solvent based products.

To add to the environmental benefits, 3001 will be shipped as a high concentrated solution only. This significantly reduces transport and storage costs and also reduces waste from empty packaging. 

As a result, a 20 litre drum of concentrate is sufficient to treat up to 1000 square metre of concrete. At a cost per square metre base, 3001 is the most cost effective solution on the market  

A version which meets the stringent new European EN 1504-2 requirements and regulation for construction concrete and infrastructure is also available.

For more info on Nanovations sustainable product solutions please visit our web site. For commercial applicators and manufacturer please ask for a free product sample.

Nanovations Pty Ltd is developing and supplying advanced products using the latest technologies to add extraordinary advantages and benefits to manufactured products


Water based, environmentally friendly
Water repellent.
Good penetration into porous surfaces
Excellent moisture regulation
Economical, outstanding coverage rate
Permeable to vapor
low VOC , odor free


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